Our Mission

The Sanctuary Project will provide a safe haven for women and children that are living at risk of abuse, we will create a residential area that will support up to 30 family’s and have full time social workers, Counsellors, and therapists and will provide access to legal support, so we can help them escape there situation and empower them to break the cycle of abuse.

The Sanctuary will be a secure location with limited access at an undisclosed area, on site there will be all the amenities the residents need so they don’t have to leave the site if they don’t want to, we will have security night and day to make sure the families stay safe.

Women and children will most likely be referred to The Sanctuary Project via social services but not limited to this, we will work closely with local authorities so we can help as many people as we can.

Domestic abuse is a major problem in the UK and we intend to tackle this problem head on with the support and training from experts, we can make a difference and will help put a stop to domestic violence.


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