Domestic Abuse can start at any time in a relationship; it is rarely a one-off event and tends to escalate in severity and frequency over time. Domestic Abuse is about power and control.

It is a pattern of behaviour and not caused by anger. Domestic Abuse is used to control and is NOT due to a loss of control.

In England and Wales two women on average are murdered every week as a result of Domestic Abuse. (Almost 100 women are killed by partners or ex-partners each year).

21 men died from domestic abuse in England and Wales last year.

As many as 1 in 4 women and 1 in 6 men experience an abusive relationship in their lifetime.

The Police receive one report of Domestic Abuse every minute.

A woman is likely to have suffered 35 incidents of Domestic Abuse before she makes a report.

Domestic abuse can start or escalate during pregnancy.

Abusive behavior is NOT CAUSED by alcohol or drug abuse, stress, poverty or low level mental health issues (although some or all of these factors can escalate the abuse/violence).

750,000 children each year witness domestic abuse.

The Sanctuary Project will be based in Flintshire, how ever we wont be limited to helping just women and children in Flintshire, we have requested information from the Flintshire Police on the number of reports made that have a domestic flag attached, this will cover all forms of domestic abuse.

There have been many developments in legislation and investigation tactics since 2005 which led to an increase in reporting rates due to increased public confidence in the mulch-agency services offered to victims,

an example of such legislation would be the Domestic Violence, Crime and Victims Act 2004 which came into force in march 2005 and complimented the National Centre for Policing Excellence Guidance on Investigation Domestic Abuse 2004.

There has been a massive drive from police and partner agencies to publicise the ‘hidden’ element of domestic abuse to ensure is is seen as a community problem and therefore reporting rates will show a further rise, this is shown in things such as education programmes in schools, policing operations to target high risk offenders.

So these figures are finally starting to show the real problem of domestic violence in the flintshire community, and it shows that there simply isn’t enough being done to stop it, that’s why we have set-up The Sanctuary Project and why we will be providing a safe haven for women and children that are being abused.

Increase of reported domestic abuse complaints for Flintshire

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